Griffith Observatory& Mt. Hollywood Hike

國際佛光會喜瑞都分會 - Cerritos Subchapter

                       When:      6/10/2012 (Sunday)

          Where to Meet:      YT & Ming's House 

                                      2375 Andy St, Cerritos 90703 


                                      Trails Cafe

                                      2333 Fern Dell Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068

    What Time to Meet:     4:00 PM at YT & Ming's house OR

                                      5:00 PM at Trails Cafe

What expected to See:     Hollywood sign, 360-degree view of Downtown 

                                      LA & Planetarium show at the Observatory 

The Plan:

  1. We plan to arrive at the parking lot of Trails Cafe around 5:00 PM 

  2. From the trail head located right across the street of Trails Café, we'll first go up the Ferndell Trail to the Observatory, and then continue on the Mt. Hollywood trailto reach the peak of Mt. Hollywood and enjoy a panoramic view of LA downtown.On our way back, we can stop by the observatory, self tour around, and watch a planetarium show (admission ranging from $3 to $7; last show starts at 8:45 PM)

  3. This hike is classified as "per Boy Scout of American standard, about 4 miles long round trip. 

  4. Bring snacks, bottles of water, sun block cream, hat, sunglasses, etc. (Remember you have to carry those up and down the hike!). 

  5. Hike Distance: 4 miles roundtrip, approximately 421 ft elevation gain. 
    Hike Time: 2 hours round trip plus 1 hours Observatory stop. 

  6. We anticipate to be back home around 9 PM. 

The Driving Directions:

  1. Take freeway 101 North to Hollywood Blvd exit (#8B).  
  2. Turn Right at Hollywood Blvd.

  3. Turn Left at N. Western Ave.

  4. Turn Left at Fern Dell Dr.  Park at or near Trails Café, 2333 Fern Dell Dr.

  5. The trail starts right across the street from Trails Cafe.