2023 Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat

Pause. Think. Start Anew.
The Hsi Lai Buddhist Retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in 2 weeks of authentic Chinese Buddhist monastic life. At the monastery, participants will see the world from a new perspective and have the opportunity to develop greater happiness and well-being which can be shared with all the lives they touch in the future.
Retreatants will learn and practice the various aspects of Humanistic Buddhism and develop one’s inner potential and establish good interpersonal relations. Classes will cover Buddhist Practices, Core Teachings of Buddhism and Buddhist Art and Music, and practicum includes Buddhist Etiquette, Meditation, Calligraphy, Communal Chores and more.
Date: June 18 ~ July 2, 2023
Venue: Hsi Lai Temple, 3456 Glenmark Dr, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Eligibility: 16 – 45 years old
Info & Registration: http://www.hsilai.org/en/events/2023_Buddhist_Retreat.php
Registration Deadline: May 15, 2023
Enquires: outreach@ibps.org or call 626 923 5110
【2023 西來英文青年書院】
◎活動內容:課程以信、 解、 行、 證四個次第,涵括經論導讀、佛法概論、人間音緣、佛教藝術、 學佛行儀、禪修、抄經、戶外參學等多元解行並重的課程。
◎活動時間:2023 年 6月18日至7月2日
◎參加對象:16-45 歲男女青年
◎報名方式:採線上報名 http://www.hsilai.org/en/events/2023_Buddhist_Retreat.php
◎報名截止:即日起至 2023 年 5 月 15 日
◎聯絡方式:outreach@ibps.org 或 致電 626 923 5110