The Buddha’s Light International Association commonly known as BLIA, is a monastic and lay organization. BLIA was established by Master Hsing Yun On February 3, 1991, a people’s organization “China Buddha Light Association” organized by Buddhist believers was established in Taiwan under the impetus of the times, and it has attracted great attention from all walks of life. The organization is associated with Fo Guang Shan, the largest Buddhist organization in Taiwan.


On May 16, 1992, the “International Foguang Association World Association” was officially established in Los Angeles, USA, commonly known as BLIA LA, and the first World Member Congress was grandly held. Master Hsing Yun also took “Joy and Harmony” as the theme of the first conference. He hoped that International Buddha Light would spread the seeds of joy and spread the concept of harmony all over the world. There are currently 28 subchapters of the BLIA LA, with about 2,000 members.


The Foguang Society attaches great importance to social well-being. In terms of cultural education, such as: holding Buddhist lectures on life, preaching the Dharma with the sound of Fanbai, winter and summer camps for young children, editing and publishing publications and other activities to purify the soul, and actively promote reading clubs, youth groups, Scouts and other public welfare organizations ; In terms of serving charities, such as: advocating waste paper recycling, tree planting and soil cultivation and other environmental protection concepts, organizing parent-child outings, sports competitions, and other social welfare activities, and actively investing in disaster relief, visits to the elderly, children and the sick, blood donations and other charitable relief ranks.